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The latest issue:

Seahorse - Issue 24 (PDF format)

Archived editions:

Seahorse - Issue 23 (PDF format)

Seahorse - Issue 22 (PDF format)

Seahorse - Issue 21 (PDF format)

Seahorse - Issue 20 (PDF format).
Seahorse - Issue 19 (PDF format).
Seahorse - Issue 18 (PDF format).
Seahorse - Issue 17 (PDF format).
Seahorse - Issue 16 (PDF format).



The day to day running, updating, and maintenance of the website has recently been taken over from the website designer by the Friends Group Secretary.

Not being formally trained in this field there will be a honeymoon period where things may not go totally to plan, so please bear with us.

We have already changed the members section from one page to four and each page will gradually be updated.

Keep a regular check on the members section as we plan to include any special offers or events which may be running at the hotel.